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Bowl Cozy ( 3 styles to choose from )

Bowl Cozy ( 3 styles to choose from )

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Keep your fingers, and the little ones fingers, from getting burned when taking things out of the microwave. Just place your food in a bowl and place the bowl in one of these fabulous cozies and warm in the microwave. Once you try these, you will never put a bowl in the microwave again without one.

Each reversible cozy is made out of 100% cotton fabric, with 2 layers of 100% cotton wrap n zap batting for insulation. Cozies are reversible and microwave safe. Each cozy can fit a variety of bowls (and even cups and small plates). Cozies are not just for the microwave, but also wonderful for passing food around the table to serve without burning anyone's hands. Another tip, it is great for eating Ice Cream or Cold Cereal too to keep your hands warm. Good Serving Dish for Bread, Fruit, Candy, and more.

Also works great for grabbing something quick out of the oven, for ice cream bowls, bread bowls, or for finger snacks while you sit and watch your favorite show or game as a family.

Small cozy measures 9" diameter and will fit a small 6" cereal bowl, pint of ice cream or a coffee cup. Not ideal for medium or large bowls. (See photo of comparison)
Large cozy measures 11" diameter and will fit different size and shaped bowls.
Plate cozy measures 13" diameter will fit plates and larger bowls. Fits an 11" plate perfectly, however, will not be snug like a bowl cozy.


1. Buffalo Check Plaid Bowl Cozy, Hot Pad, Padded


2.  Bee Bees Bowl Cozy Hot Pad, Padded Bowl Holder


3.Harry Potter Hogwarts Bowl Cozy Hot Pad, Padded Bowl Holder


4. Star Wars  Bowl Cozy Hot Pad, Padded Bowl Holder


5. Cat Bowl Cozy Hot Pad, Padded Bowl Holder

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