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Kettle Glazed Pecans 4oz

Kettle Glazed Pecans 4oz

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  • A delicious snack with beer, a flavorful addition to a cheese board and a healthy topping for oatmeal, pancakes, cereal or salad, the Stuckey’s tradition of superior quality is unmistakable in our Kettle Glazed Pecans.

    Carefully flavored and then gently seasoned, these premium pecans are a perfect blend of taste and texture.  Simply a great tasting treat!

    • All Natural Roasted Pecans.
    • Naturally flavored roasted pecans
    • Made locally in Georgia..

    Each bag is resealable, so eat some now and save some for later….

    Each case contains:

    4 – 4 oz. Kettle Glazed Pecan Resealable Pecan Bag

    Detailed nutritional, ingredient and allergen information is available upon request at

    Code: 07-20009

    Product Weight Each: 4 oz.

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