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Perfume Oil .35 fl oz

Perfume Oil .35 fl oz

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Perfume Oil

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Perfume oils feel wonderful and last a long time. The subtle, lasting scent of these beautiful and fragrant oil blends may remind you of some of your all-time favorites. Signature fragrance blends rest in a bed of fractionated coconut oil for easy wear that lasts all day.

Hello Beautiful - soft, feminine, citrus & floral for a blend to meet the expectations of the most graceful among us.

Soul Candy - fruity, sassy and...juicy for the girl who is ready to take on the world.

Wild - Sugared citrus and mountain greens create a familiar blend that will create a volcanic reaction of the senses.

Hippie Chick - patchouli blend for the Hippie Chick just waiting to express herself.

New Scents Coming Soon (pictured) as we launch one product line at a time. 

 It isn't just a perfume oil. Get ready to express yourself today with a fragrance that tells the world who you really are.


Hello Beautiful - SKU PO4 Soft Floral, Citrus & Spice

Calm- SKU PO1 Lavender

Hippie Chick - SKU PO3 Patchouli

Wild - SKU PO7
Sugared Citrus & Mountain Greens

Energy - PO3 Apple Mango & Lime

Soul Candy
SKU PO5 Amber, Jasmine, Citrus

Best Day

Lemon, Bergamot, Tangerine, Grapefruit