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Honeystix - Nature's Kick

Honeystix - Nature's Kick

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Honeystix are the candy for your future!

Honeystix are filled with all natural honey that are available in many colorful flavors. Honeystix are a healthy snack that's great for kids of all ages at home or on the go! Known as the "fastest to open candy in the world", their easy to open pop-top seal allows you to enjoy Honeystix anywhere, anytime! Parents love the health benefits of honey and kids love the taste!

Environmentally Friendly

The resin we use for our packaging is environmentally safe, as it is photo sensitive to ultraviolet light, and can be burned with no toxic smoke, just like paraffin wax. Also, our resin is completely recyclable, BPA free, and Kosher certified.

How To Open

Honeystix are fun and easy to open.
Simply place the end of the honeystick between your front teeth with the end vertical and bite down...
Just like you would for a sunflower seed.

Another option is to place your thumb at the base of the seal and just flip upward to pop the end open...
Just like flipping a coin.
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