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Apple Amaretto - 3595 -Gruiner Rooibos Apfel Amaretto

Apple Amaretto - 3595 -Gruiner Rooibos Apfel Amaretto

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Green rooibos flavored with apple and amaretto with almond pieces.

Fresh, new and authentic: green rooibos tea

This rooibos tea is a good example of a product that comes to us from distant lands, but which tastes extremely good to the local palate. Imagine the delicate bushes stretching towards the sun at the Cape of Good Hope full of hope. The result is the needles, which are not further treated in this mixture, i.e. fermented. So they come to the far north as the South African sun wanted. Now it's going to be exciting. This tea from South Africa now gets something fine to the side. Get ready for an original experience.

Apple and Amaretto - almonds in a new form

The rooibos tea is joined by apples in this daring combination. The aroma includes the typical, slightly sour apple note. But that's not all, almonds also come into play. Imagine a delicious baked apple as it is found in your tea. To your surprise, he feels really comfortable there. And you will feel even more comfortable if you take this warming drink with the delicious taste. Is there paradise on earth? You can guess where it is.

Green Rooibos Apple Amaretto

    1. Flavored Green Rooibos with Apple Amaretto Flavor
    2. Ingredients: Green rooibos (94%), almond pieces, flavors
    3. One heaped teaspoon per cup
    4. Brewing time: 5-8 min.
    5. Water temperature: 100°C