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Arabian Nights - 901 - Ananas-Mango

Arabian Nights - 901 - Ananas-Mango

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Arabian Nights

Sunflower and rose enchant your senses. It isn’t difficult to imagine a thousand more cups as lovely as the very first.

Jasmine, Sunflower, and rose. It isn't difficult to imagine a thousand more cups of this lovely tea. Blended with a mixture of green tea from China and black teas from India.

 Green tea, Black tea, flavor, rose petals, marigold blossoms.


Attributes: Contains caffeine, Suitable for thermos flask, To drink cold
Cultivation method: Conventional cultivation
Edition: Aroma Edition
Flavour: fruity / lemonly
Seals: Conventional cultivation
Taste: fragrant-fresh
Tea type: Green Tea

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