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Bioaqua Animal Face Mask

Bioaqua Animal Face Mask

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Bioaqua Animal Face Mask

Animal Face BioAqua is an interesting and very effective cosmetic product. !

Advantages of the BioAqua mask are:

Convenient application format. Material masks are the best option for self-care when there is no time to carefully apply the composition: the mask is made taking into account the structure of the face and covers all its zones, leaving the eyes, mouth and lower part of the nose open.

Noticeable effect after the first application. After applying the mask, you will see that the pores have narrowed, the skin has become more elastic, age and acne spots have brightened.

The mask is intended for gray and dull skin that has lost its vitality, there is no age limit for use.

The product contains pomegranate and lemon extracts, which perfectly even out the skin tone and immediately give the face a fresh look.

All ingredients are designed to quickly tone up, the effect is visible immediately after applying the mask to the face.

The mask is made of pressed silk fabric and soaked in a healing emulsion.

Application method:

  • Clean your face.
  • Gently spread the mask over your face.
  • Press lightly with your fingers so that the mask adheres firmly to the skin.
  • Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes, relax and enjoy the effects, leaving the skin saturated with nutrients.
  • Take off your mask.
  • Lightly massage the skin with your fingertips until the remaining essence is completely absorbed.
  • After the mask, continue to use skin conditioning products and the resulting nutrients will remain in the skin for a long time.

Result: Moisturized, toned, younger-looking complexion.