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Tetsubin 20-ounce Round Black Cast Iron Teapot with strainer

Tetsubin 20-ounce Round Black Cast Iron Teapot with strainer

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The benefits of specifically purified cast iron, they are a symbol of strength and unity.  The cast iron tea pot is intended for brewing and serving tea only.

Product Description

Give your tea service a striking splash of authenticity with our Tetsubin 20-ounce Round Black Cast Iron Teapot. This black teapot is specifically designed to brew intensely flavorful and perfectly balanced pots of tea. The heavy-duty cast iron construction on this small black teapot expertly absorbs and distributes heat, while the pronounced pour spout enables easy and drip-free service. Featuring a unique hobnail lid and an easy-to-grip handle, this black cast iron teapot is a great addition to any restaurant, bakery, tea shop, or other foodservice establishment. To expertly develop the flavors in your brew, the interior of this black teapot is coated with shiny enamel. The mesh strainer included with this teapot is ideal for effortless steeping. Pair this small black teapot with our coordinating black cast iron tea cups (SKU: RWM0023B) to complete your traditional tea presentation! Measuring 6.25 inches in length by 5.5 inches in width and 5.75 inches in height, this 20-ounce black teapot is shipped in a 1 count box.

Iron made pot, heat-retaining ability, keeping warm or cold for a longer time
Food grade 304 stainless steel strainer
Specially designed filter, straining solid for a better drinking experience
Comfortable handle, easy to transport
Suitable for hot and cold water, rich in iron
Well-designed pot, also a great decoration for your space when simply put there.

Material: Iron
Capacity: 300ml/10.15 oz
Length: 12cm/4.7"
Top Dia.: 6.3cm/2.5"
Height: 7cm/2.8"
Bottom Dia.: 7cm/2.8"

Some guidelines to follow:

  • It’s best to have some liquid in the teapot before setting it on the heat source.
  • Fill the teapot about two thirds full of water so that when it boils it does not bubble over.
  • Add the tea leaves in after the water is heated (not a strict rule, just my personal experience here — you can always try added the tea leaves into the water first and then heating).
  • If you use the infuser basket that often comes with these teapots, put it in after heating the water. (Also, the rim will get very hot during steeping, so take care when lifting it out.)
  • These teapots can absorb some of the flavors of the teas you steep in them (not quite as readily a zisha clay teapots), so you may want to designate different teapots for different teas and “season” them by doing several steepings close together.
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