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Handmade Soap Energy 4oz

Handmade Soap Energy 4oz

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Second Spring Naturals

Energy Handmade Soap - Apple Mango Lime

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The sensation of energy expands with increasing relaxation.    - Ilchi Lee

Give your skin the morning routine it deserves. Apple mango & lime are a burst of energy in our best-selling fragrance to start your day right.

Energy soap is a treat this  season that will scent the room with the delicious tangy citrus while you carry the energetic burst of 'happy' with you on softly scented, nourished hands. With my time-tested, balanced and skin-loving recipe of goat’s milk, olive oil and apple, mango & lime,  your skin & your guests will thank you.

Natural Energy Soap for any Season
• Apple, Mango & Lime + a dose of energy
• Skin-loving, olive oil and goat’s milk
• Mica for color with the scents of the seasons
• One bar of soap at just over 4 ounces

Ingredients: Olive oil, Goats milk, Coconut oil, Sustainably Sourced Palm oil, Castor Oil, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide (lye that works interacts with the oils through the saponification process to become soap) mica, essential oils or fragrance oils.