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4 Colors to choose from

  • Yellow Sol Putty   Changes from Yellow to Maroon with Sunlight
  • White Sol Putty   Changes from White  to Purple with Sunlight
  • Green Sol Putty   Changes from Green  to Purple with Sunlight
  • Orange Sol Putty   Changes from Orange  to Purple with Sunlight



Changes Color

Product Information

    • Non-toxic, all-organic formula
    • Does not stain
    • Water soluble
    • 58g per color per container

Hours of fun are underway with Sol Putty! This unique, safe color-changing putty transforms from yellow to red with sunlight. For indoor fun, each putty container comes with Del Sol’s proprietary mini UV-LED light that lets you draw pictures, letters or whatever you imagine on the putty. The non-toxic, all-organic formula won’t stain and is water soluble. Everyone will love to see the magic unfold in the palms of their hands.

Experience Del Sol Color Change

broken sunglasses

Much like a flower that blooms when exposed to sunlight, Del Sol's products change colors in the sun using their proprietary Spectrachrome® technology.

Spectrachrome® molecules in the products shift to colors visible to the human eye when exposed to UV sunlight.

broken sunglasses
broken sunglasses

Del Sol's Spectrachrome® formula for color change was developed from a concept originally researched by NASA for use in space.

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