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EBike Battery Replacement for Classic

EBike Battery Replacement for Classic

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Ebike Battery Replacement for Classic

Want a spare battery, or need NAKTO battery replacement?


The 36V lithium-ion battery has good safety performance, built-in overcharge protection. This type of battery have undergone thousands of repeated discharges and safety tests. The battery performance is safe and reliable.



  • Easy to Install: Lockable and removable
  • Brand: NAKTO
  • Range: A fully charged battery can last up to 22 miles
  • To Fully Charge: 4-6 hours


ATTENTION: Please take care of your battery key, we don't have copy keys for sold batteries.

NOTE: When charging the battery, you need connect the battery and charger first. Then connect the charger plug to the Wall.

If not you can damage the battery fuse.

How to take the battery out of the bike?

1. Take the seat down,there is a small blue bar under the seat, pull that bar up to take turn the seat straight. 2. Left hand turn the battery key to unlock (in the photo),at the same time, push the key in.  Meanwhile the right hand take the battery out.

What is the problem if the charger signal is always green when chargering?Is that the battery has a problem?

If the single light is always green after charging the fuse of the battery may be burnt.

replacing with new fuse is suggested.

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