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Complete Gongfu Ceremonial Tea Set

Complete Gongfu Ceremonial Tea Set

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Gongfu Ceremonial Tea Set

The literal translation for “Gongfu” is: a discipline or skill that requires patience, energy, and practice to achieve. “Gongfu Cha” is the traditional Chinese way of making tea. The intention is to produce a drink that’s satisfying to the soul as well as all of your senses. We invite you to master "making tea with skill" with our elegant and easy-to-use ceramic gongfu set


Sizes: Bowl: 5-3/4"dia. x 2"h

         Gaiwan: 3-1/2"dia. x 3"h

         Faircup: 3-1/4"dia. x 2"h

         Cup: 2-1/4"dia. x 1-1/4"h

Color:      White 

Material: Blanc-de-Chin


  • A set of tea bowl, gaiwan, faircup and eight cups
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