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Clay Fish Tea Pet #2, Red

Clay Fish Tea Pet #2, Red

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Clay Fish Tea Pet #2, Red

Traditionally, the tea pet is placed on your tea table, joining you for some tea.

How Do You Use A Tea Pet?

When steeping yourself some tea, you can actually feed your tea pet some as well. This is when it becomes more like a pet, something you have to raise and take care of.

To do so, you simply pour some tea over it, making sure to cover it entirely and that’s it! If you wish, you can use a tea brush to “pet” the surface and distribute the tea evenly


Size: 2-3/4"l x 1-1/2"w x 1"h

Color:      Red

Material: Clay

Origin:     China


  • It's a tea lover's practice in China to nourish the tea pets by rinsing them with tea liquor.
  • Pour regularly tea liquor on the pet.
  • Over time clay tea pet will slowly develop a scent of the tea and a patina.
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