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DIY Book Nook Kit: The Secret Rhythm with Dust Cover

DIY Book Nook Kit: The Secret Rhythm with Dust Cover

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About this product

Immerse yourself in the rhythm of nostalgia with this Secret Rhythm Book Nook - a carefully crafted miniature world that pays homage to the timeless allure of vinyl records, record players, vintage radios, cassettes, and guitars. Step into a space where the music of yesteryear is preserved in every tiny detail.
✂️ [DIY] This kit takes about 12 hours to build.
💡 [TOUCH-ACTIVATED LED LIGHTS] The kit includes tiny LED bulbs to light up each little room. This colorful, warm lighting will add a finishing touch to your book nook. It comes with the needed LED lights, wiring, and battery box, along with detailed instructions to make this as simple as possible! 🔋 2 AAA batteries required; batteries are not included.
Recommended for ages 14+
  •  Made in China
  • Product Language: English
Eco-friendly information
  • Packaging: Recyclable
  • Product Materials: Nontoxic and Plastic-free


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