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Golden Dragon - 35381 - Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon - 35381 - Golden Dragon

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Golden Dragon - 35381 - Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon Black tea

Golden look, exquisite taste. A touch of chocolate, malty and fruity, without any bitterness. Also tastes shiny when cold.

This organic black tea grows in Yunnan, China—the birthplace of tea, home to some of the world's most prized orchid species and the location of the (perhaps mythical, perhaps real) Shangri-La.

Tasting Notes: bold, nuanced, satisfying

Our Golden Dragon Yunnan holds the lushness, beauty and power of its homeland in every leaf. It is bold yet nuanced, and supremely satisfying. As you sip, look for sweet notes of malt, spice and chocolate.

Ingredients: Organic black tea from Yunnan Province in China.


Golden Dragon
Origin: China
Harvest time: summer
Region of origin: Yunnan, China
Ingredients: black tea

Order number: 35381-S

Preparation recommendation
Water hardness: medium
Water temperature: 100 ° C
Brewing time: 3 - 4 min.
Dosage: 1 tsp (3 g) per cup (200 ml)

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