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Jasmine Silver Needle - Mo Li Yin Zhen

Jasmine Silver Needle - Mo Li Yin Zhen

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Mo Li Yin Zhen / Jasmine Silver Needle - Fujian

Jasmine Silver Needle white tea is made up of young and elegant tea leaf buds with a whisper of jasmine aura. All the appeal and softly sweet nuances of a classic Silver Needle tea, enhanced with the graceful aroma of night-blooming jasmine flowers. Airy flavor, delicate mouthfeel and pleasantly dry finish. The quiet nature of this Jasmine Silver Needle white tea ensures it will make a gentle companion for your special moments.

Young Chinese tea buds are delicately scented with Jasmine blossoms by gently rolling them together. The long unopened buds are picked in the spring and gently dried, which impart a sweet flavor with low astringency when infused.

Blenders Notes: Jasmine scenting is a time consuming process that involves rolling unopened jasmine buds with dried tea leaves, removing the blossoms and repeating the process until the desired scent is reached. Some jasmine teas are scented over 7 times this way. This tea has a beautiful scent and flavour and can be brewed without bitterness and is lovely steeped over and over. 

ingredients: white tea, jasmine blossoms

White Tea | Low caffeine

Brewing Instructions

Water Temperature:  175-190 degrees
Water Quality:  Best with Spring Water
Amount of Leaf (per 6 fl oz water):  1 rounded Tbl. (2.5 grams)
Steep Time:  1-3 minutes
Number of Infusions: 3

For best results, we like to first rinse the leaves to release the aroma and soften the leaves. The water temperature should be about 175-190 degrees Fahrenheit (80-90 Celsius). We use between 2.5 and 3 grams of tea per 6 ounces of water, which amounts to approximately 1 good Tbl, and steep for 1 to 3 minutes. Our Chinese Silver Needle may be prepared in a standard teapot, or in your favorite mug or lidded gaiwan. We recommend that you always pre-warm your vessel, before infusing your tea for up to 1-3 minutes. As with all green and white teas, our Silver Needle can be infused at least three times. Increase the time and temperature slightly with each subsequent infusion. Experimenting with your own temperatures and steeping times is encouraged. Cooler temperatures and shorter times yield more mellow, fruity elements, while hotter water and longer times produce more floral and full-bodied complexities. Always use the best-tasting water you can find, and adjust steeping times, quantity of leaves, and water temperature to your personal preferences.

We highly recommend brewing your tea in a teapot or mug with a removable infuser so that you can remove the leaves at the end of the steeping time. Whole leaf teas of this quality need room to unfurl and expand in the water in order to perform their "magic." If you don't have a removable infuser, you can brew the loose leaves directly in the pot. At the end of the steeping time, pour all of the tea into a warm serving pitcher or pot.