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Lucidity Glass Brew-in-Cup with Stainless Infuser & Lid 12 oz

Lucidity Glass Brew-in-Cup with Stainless Infuser & Lid 12 oz

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12 oz. / 355 ml.
L 4.57" x W 3.35" x H 3.46"
(L 11.9 cm x W 8.5 cm x H 8.8 cm)

 Removable extra fine Stainless-Steel Infuser
This extra-fine stainless-steel infuser gives you a perfect even steep every time and enables you to steep fine loose-leaf teas such as Rooibos tea to large whole-leaf teas like Oolong tea. Handle for easy and safe access to control infusing time.

BPA Free Lid
Functions as a drip dish for infuser.

Foot Cover
Silicone foot cover will absorb the impact on hard surfaces, prevent slips and watermarks.

Borosilicate Glass
Made out of heat resistant, hand crafted, blown meticulously by seasoned masters one by one.


EXTRA-FINE INFUSER : Stainless Steel
- Dishwasher-safe
- Condensed extra-fine holes to circulate the tea efficiently
- Handle for easy access to control infusing time

LID : Polystyrene (PS)
- Works as an infuser holder
- Dishwasher-safe
- BPA-free
- Heat resistant up to 80°C/176°F

CUP : Lead-Free Borocilicate Glass
- Hand-wash recommended
- Microwavable
- Thermal shock resistant up to 120°C/248°F

All the materials used for FORLIFE products are food-safe.

Care Instruction & Warning
- Use caution when handling hot water.
- Do not put cup on heating element.
- Let boiling water cool down a bit before pouring it in cup.
- Stop using this product if any of the parts are damaged.
- Use only sponge, plastic or nylon wash pads with mild dish detergent when washing by hand.
- Do not use abrasive pads, brushes, cleaners or any metal products on or inside of all parts.
- Use baking soda dissolved in warm water to clean as needed.
- We recommend to wipe off all parts with clean dry cloth before storing.

FE products are food-safe.