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Matcha Horai Tin 30g Organic - Ronnefeldt

Matcha Horai Tin 30g Organic - Ronnefeldt

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Matcha Horai Tin 30g Organic  - Ronnefeldt

Excellent for daily drinking
 A balanced sweet flavor Green tea

A very mild and sweet matcha. Gentle and pleasant finish. Matcha Horai got its name from the old name of an island chain. From a mythological point of view, Horai stands for the legendary island of immortality, on which an herb of immortality can be found. This rare, high-quality Matcha is a divine delight for every Matcha fan!
30 grams (1.05 oz) Servings: 
Approximately 15 servings


Step 1: Boil fresh, preferably soft water. Let the water cool down to approx. 80 ° C: open the kettle, wait approx. 10 minutes.

Step 2: Put approx. 1 g matcha (2 bamboo spoons or ½ teaspoons) in a matcha bowl. Pour approx. 80 ml of water (80 ° C) on.

Step 3: Beat the tea with a matcha whisk in a zigzag shape for at least 15 seconds.

Do not touch the bottom of the bowl Consume matcha powder as fresh as possible and store in the original packaging in the refrigerator.

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