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Nina Pot Tea Set

Nina Pot Tea Set

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On this day, you feel like showcasing your brewing skills of chai tea. Delicious spicy chai is lovely with a touch of creamy milk and a little sugar to enhance flavour. Brew some up in your creamy buttermilk coloured Nina teapot and serve with some delicious treats. You’ll love how beautiful this set looks on your table.

Nothing is sweeter than sipping tea while catching up with good friends. Get brewing and share the joy.
Does the lid stay secure while pouring?
The lid of the Nina teapot simply sits on top of the body of the teapot. Werecommend placing a finger or two on top of the lid to keep it secure whilepouring.

Does this teapot come with an infuser for loose leaf tea?
Yes, the Nina teapot comes with a high quality fine mesh stainless steel infuser. This means you can enjoy your favourite loose-leaf teas with comfort and ease. It's also easy to remove the infuser once your tea is finished brewing.

What is the best tea to make in this teapot?
Because this teapot comes in a set with a milk jug and sugar bowl, it is ideal for black teas. Try it with Chai, or use it as an bold new way to enjoy old familiar favourites like Earl Grey or English Breakfast.

Does the handle get hot?
The handle itself does not get uncomfortably hot, even with a full pot of tea. The Nina teapot has a large, easy to grab handle. Its shape and position keep your hand steady and comfortable while pouring. It also keeps your hand away from the hot body of the teapot.

How many people would this teapot serve?
Depending on how big you like your cups of tea, the 1L Nina teapot should hold enough tea for 3-4 people. Perfect for you and a few friends!