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Oolong Almond- 37745- Oolong Mandelmilch

Oolong Almond- 37745- Oolong Mandelmilch

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Oolong Almond- 37745- Oolong Mandelmilch

India. Heavily fermented, nutty with muscatel undertones. Grown in Dharmsala near Tibet.

Oolong almond milk Flavored mixture of oolong and almonds with an almond milk flavor The lightness of the green Oolong Tie Guan Yin and the subtle, creamy note of almond milk complement each other perfectly - a wonderfully nutty-sweet taste experience.

Oolong almond milk
Origin: China

Ingredients: Oolong (90%), almonds (6%), flavors
Preparation recommendation
Water temperature: 100 ° C
Brewing time: 2 - 3 min.
Water hardness: medium
Dosage: 1 tsp (3 g) per cup (200 ml)
Average nutritional values ​​per 100 ml of infusion
Calorific value [kJ / kcal] 3 / <1
Fat [g] <0.1
of which saturated fatty acids [g] <0.1
Carbohydrates [g] 0.2
of which sugar [g] <0.1
Protein [g] <0.1
Salt [g] <0.01

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