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Teavelope® Classic Green

Teavelope® Classic Green

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Ronnefeldt - Teavelope, Classic Green

Green tea  A special tea treat: Classic green tea with a fresh, grassy, ​​slightly bitter note paired with a subtle sweetness.

Enjoy this very special delight – classic green tea with a fresh, grassy, and mildly tart note, melded with a subtle sweetness.

Teavelope® Classic Green
Origin: China
Leaf grade: Fannings
Harvest time: summer
Ingredients: green tea **

Contents: 25 x 1.5 g
Order number: 16040-W
Preparation recommendation

Brewing time: 2 - 3 MIN
Water temperature: 80 ° C
Organic certification:

Non-EU Agriculture ** from organic farming

Teavelope – Tea bag with aroma protection. This attractive tea bag is packaged in a protective film sachet, keeping fragrance and aroma in and moisture out and allowing the tea to retain its subtle nuances and natural flavours. Make use of these special benefits: large-pored filter paper for maximum immersion in water, a knotted string without metal clips, and a great number of varieties offered for clients.