Lemon - Shortbread Mix .84 lbs. Net Wt.

Lemon - Shortbread Mix .84 lbs. Net Wt.

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We think of early summer and sunshine when we eat our Lemon Shortbread Cookies. This shortbread cookie mix has a combination of both brown and white sugar which lightens the base flavor of the cookie. We also added a generous helping of dried lemon peel to the cookie mix, and then you will add both fresh lemon juice and lemon extract as you make the dough.

You can bake your lemon shortbread cookies in a variety of ways. You can make classic wedge shaped cookies by baking the entire batch of dough in a tart pan, then cutting them into narrow wedges before they cool. Pressing the dough into traditional shortbread molds is also an option and always gives a pretty result. Lastly, you can roll the dough thin, cut it out with shaped cutters, and bake the cookies as thin wafers.

Blend lemon juice and confectioners sugar for the perfect glaze for your shortbread cookies. Either dip an edge or brush the glaze onto warm cookies, the result is the same! Simultaneously tangy and tart, these Lemon Shortbread Cookies are a nearly guilt-free indulgence.

Each bag contains 2 complete recipes. Each recipe yields 2 1/2 dozen wafer cookies, or one tart pan (15 wedges). If you are expecting a crowd, bake both batches—they are guaranteed to disappear quickly!