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Teapot - Ronnefeldt Classic Round 2-Cup 4L

Teapot - Ronnefeldt Classic Round 2-Cup 4L

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 Teapot - Ronnefeldt Classic Round 4L

Made In Germany

Easy by name, easy by nature, this porcelain teapot is a perfectly practical addition to any tea cupboard. Includes infuser.

Ronnefeldt Tea is one of the leading brands of high-quality tea and can be found in many of the world's finest hotels, restaurants and other hospitality and catering businesses.

As one of the world’s leading producers of orthodox loose-leaf teas, it stands to reason that Ronnefeldt should offer a selection of equally fine tea accessories.

High quality tea deserves a well-designed teapot or a system to help make a tea. With the tilting teapot, a ronnefeldt classic, tea is made in three stages- first the teapot is laid down flat, then tilted and finally is stood upright. The attractive "Tafelstern" teapot system makes child's play of making a tea with a strainer.

Ronnefeldt Tea Pot consists of:
A classic white china teapot with 0.4l capacity by Ronnefeldt

This teapot makes perfect loose leaf tea.Simply brew your favourite tea in the strainer for the proper infusion time then remove the strainer to the caddy to stop the infusion process.

Enough for two mugs or three cups!

All Ronnefeldt teapots and teacups are made from high-quality white porcelain, and are fully dishwasher safe. So, not only do they look the part, but theyre tough too.