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Water Wick LED Pillar Candle with Metallic base

Water Wick LED Pillar Candle with Metallic base

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$ 48.95 USD

Ombre Metallic Water Wick Candle w/Remote, Lg,

3 Asst Styles to choose from, Gift Box,

Candle: 3 C Batt Not Incl,

Remote: 2 Batt Incl, 3.75"x8

PRODUCT: Real wax shell ( Cream with Metallic Base ) + LED light + fountain machine + Remote control + 2000ma rechargeable battery + USB, DC wire

SAFE TO USE: LED fountain candle without real fire. We care about your safety and a risk of fire shouldn't be a concern. No warry fire Accidents.

BENIFIT: LED fountain candles without real fire which are energy saving, environmental protection and safety. Can placed at anywhere. 

LED fountain candles are smokeless, odorless, harmless and pollution-free. The perfect combination of function and artistry of fountain candles, as well as an excellent art ornament and suitable for various candleholders. It can be used as night light for illumination and other decorative purposes.
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UPC Code: 844828129242
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